Making Legal History!

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Med dagens post anlände boken med den uppmanande titeln Making Legal History. En spännande antologi från Cambridge University Press (mer information finns här) om rättshistoriska metodfrågor ur många olika perspektiv och tidsperioder.

Redaktörer för boken är professorerna i rättshistoria Anthony Musson och Chantal Stebbing, båda verksamma vid University of Exeter. En sammanfattning av de i antologin ingående artiklarna finns här.

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”200 Years Savigny and Thibaut: The Codification Debate Revisited”, MEPLI Round Table, 10 October 2014


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Konferens i Helsingfors den 17-19 september: ”Lay Participation in Modern Law – A Comparative Historical Analysis”

Intressant konferens i Helsingfors nu i september!


Helsinki, September 17th-19th, 2014
Venue: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law, Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3

Organisers: Profs. Heikki Pihlajamäki (Helsinki), Georges Martyn (Ghent), Anthony Musson (Exeter), Markus Dubber (Toronto)

Funded by: Academy of Finland, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Flanders)


Thursday, 18 September

Session 1: The Roots of Modern Lay Participation, 10.00-12.00

University of Helsinki, Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3), room P617
David Mirhady (Simon Fraser University): Knowing the Law and Deciding Justice: Lay Expertise in the Democratic Athenian Courts
Anthony Musson (University of Exeter): The Legacy of Magna Carta: the Enigma of the Jury


Session 2: The Jury in the French Tradition and In Common Law, 13.30 – 15.30

Georges Martyn (Ghent University): Belgian’s Obsession with Democratic Control by Jury in High Crime Procedures
Pedro Barbas Homem (University of Lisbon): The Jury and the Portuguese Legal Tradition
Simon Stern (University of Toronto): Oratory and the Jury Trial in Nineteenth-Century America

Coffee 15.30 – 16.00

Session 3: The Jury in Common Law and the Peripheries, 16:00 – 18:00

Niamh Howlin (University College Dublin): The Politics of Jury Trials in Nineteenth-Century Ireland
Kalyani Ramnath (Princeton University): Mrs. Seneviratne’s Suicide: Lawyers, Experts and Jurors in Colonial Ceylon
Mia Korpiola (University of Turku): Back to the Glory Days of the Past: Reforming the Finnish Jury ca. 1850-1910

Friday, 19 September

Session 4: The Waning Jury? 10:00 – 12:00
University of Helsinki, Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3), room P723

Kate Harrington (University of Exeter): The University as Judge and Jury: Lay Participation in Academic Inquisitions
Markus Dirk Dubber (University of Toronto): A Tale of Two Juries
Heikki Pihlajamäki (University of Helsinki): The Three Models of the Western Lay Judge: From Diversity to Common Extinction


Session 5: Concluding Discussion, 13:30 – 15:00

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”40.Deutscher Rechtshistorikertag”, Tübingen, den 7-11 September 2014


Kommande vecka är det åter dags för de tyska rättshistorikerdagarna, denna gång i Tübingen.

Program och övrig information finns här.

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Historiography and Sources of Commercial Law

Den 1-3 september 2014 hålls en konferens i Helsingfors på temat ”Historiography and Sources of Commercial Law”. Programmet och mer information finns här.

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Rättshistorieämnets framtid ur tyskt perspektiv

Thomas Duve, som är direktör för Max Planck-institutet för europeisk rättshistoria, har här publicerat en artikel om rättshistorieämnets framtid ur tyskt perspektiv. Detta är sammanfattningen:

”In this article, I review select institutional and analytical traditions of Legal History in 20th century Germany, in order to put forth some recommendations for the future development of our discipline. A careful examination of the evolution of Legal History in Germany in the last twenty-five years, in particular, reveals radical transformations in the research framework: within the study of law, there has been a shift in the internal reference points for Legal History. While the discipline is opening up to new understandings of law and to its neighboring disciplines, its institutional position at the law departments has become precarious. Research funding is being allocated in new ways and the German academic system is witnessing ever more internal differentiation. Internationally, German contributions and analytic traditions are receiving less attention and are being marginalized as new regions enter into a global dialogue on law and its history. The German tradition of research in Legal History had for long been setting benchmarks internationally; now it has to reflect upon and react to new global knowledge systems that have emerged in light of the digital revolution and the transnationalization of legal and academic systems. If legal historians in Germany accept the challenge these changing conditions pose, thrilling new intellectual and also institutional opportunities emerge. Especially the transnationalization of law and the need for a transnational legal scholarship offers fascinating perspectives for Legal History.”

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Brittiska rättshistorikerdagar 2015: Call for papers

Lagom efter det att den mycket intressanta och välorganiserade konferensen i Macerata (se här) har avslutats, kommer information om en sommarkonferens 2015, närmare bestämt den 8-11 juli 2015. Arrangörerna i Reading skriver:

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to attach the call for papers for the twenty-second British Legal History Conference to be held at the University of Reading between 8 and 11 July 2015.  The conference theme is ”Law: Challenges to Authority and the Recognition of Rights”.  The deadline for the submission of paper proposals is 30 September 2014.  

We welcome proposals which explore challenges of various types, and which are concerned with any period of history.  However, proposals concerned with Magna Carta, and especially with its impact beyond the UK, are particularly welcome.

In addition to all of the usual attractions of the main conference programme, we will be offering a special session for postgraduate and early career researchers.  To celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta we are also hoping to organise an optional trip to Runnymede. 

Please let colleagues know about the conference and we hope to see you there.

With all good wishes,

Charlotte Smith and Catharine MacMillan

Se call for papers: Call for papers BLHC 2015.


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