Påminnelse: Det tredje nordiske retshistorikermøde

Av arrangörerna har vi fått följande påminnelse. Obs. sista anmälningsdag 31 januari 2017.

Kære kolleger,

Vi minder om retshistorikermødet i København den 24.-26. april 2017 og beder om, at de, der måtte ønske at deltage og som endnu ikke har tilmeldt sig, gør det snarest og inden 31. januar 2017 via nedenstående link med angivelse af titel på evt. foredrag/indlæg.

Mødet afholdes i Det kongelige danske Videnskabernes Selskabs lokaler, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 35, i dagene 24.-26. april 2017.

Programmet vil bestå af et antal key note-taler samt forskningspræsentationer fra deltagerne. Temavalget er frit, og arrangørerne vil sammensætte sessioner efter emnernes karakter. Vi håber at kunne undgå parallelsessioner og foreslår oplæg ca. 20 min. med efterfølgende diskussion.

Som vanligt sørger deltagerne selv for hotel og rejse. Vi vil indbyde til lunch og middag. Der er mulighed for at bestille værelse på Hotel Astoria til en fordelagtig pris, læs mere om dette i tilmeldingsformularen.

Registrering og temavalg angives på dette link: http://www.tilmeld.dk/tredje-nordiske-retshistorikermoede

Henvendelser af praktisk karakter kan ske til Maria Lotz, maria.lotz@jur.ku.dk

Vi ser frem til din deltagelse.

Med venlig hilsen

Ditlev Tamm og Helle Vogt

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Konferens! ”The Art of Law: Artistic Representations and Iconography of Law & Justice in Context from the Middle Ages to the First World War” Bruges, Groeningemuseum, 16-18 Jan 2017

TAOL Conference Poster.jpg

Recent years have witnessed a clear rise in scholarship on law and the visual, mostly originating in the wider field of law and the humanities. The conference The Art of Law: Artistic Representations and Iconography of Law & Justice in Context from the Middle Ages to the First World War wishes to contribute to this research by focusing on imagery in its legal and art historical contexts. The program brings together original and interdisciplinary scholarship that questions the role of art in the practice of law, jurisprudence and justice administration from the Late Middle Ages through the Nineteenth Century.

The conference will be held in the Groeningemuseum, Bruges on Monday 16, Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 January, 2017, during the exhibition De Kunst van het Recht. Drie Eeuwen Gerechtigheid in Beeld (The Art of Law. Three Centuries of Justice Depicted) (28 October, 2016 – 5 February, 2017). This art exhibition, curated by Vanessa Paumen and Tine Van Poucke, features about 130 artworks from over 30 national and international museums and libraries and will focus on themes related to justice as expressed in artworks of various media from about 1450 through 1750.
The Art of Law is the closing conference of the IAP Justice and Populations’s WP4: Long-term (Self-)Representations of Justice (LongTermJust).
The conference is supported by
•    Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique – FNRS
•    Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO)
•    Flemish Research Centre for the Arts of the Burgundian Netherlands
•    IAP Justice and Populations: The Belgian Experience in International Perspective
See conference website for final program, registration and practical details.
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Ny bok: The Emperor of Law: The Emergence of Roman Imperial Adjudication

Vår kollega i Helsingfors, Kaius Tuori, har nyligen kommit ut med en ny bok på Oxford University Press: ”The Emperor of Law. The Emergence of Roman Imperial Adjudication”. Mer information om boken finns här: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-emperor-of-law-9780198744450?cc=fi&lang=en&#

Grattis Kaius!





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Ny bok: Law in Theory and History New Essays on a Neglected Dialogue


This collection of original essays brings together leading legal historians and theorists to explore the oft-neglected but important relationship between these two disciplines. Legal historians have often been sceptical of theory. The methodology which informs their own work is often said to be an empirical one, of gathering information from the archives and presenting it in a narrative form. The narrative produced by history is often said to be provisional, insofar as further research in the archives might falsify present understandings and demand revisions. On the other side, legal theorists are often dismissive of historical works. History itself seems to many theorists not to offer any jurisprudential insights of use for their projects: at best, history is a repository of data and examples, which may be drawn on by the theorist for her own purposes. The aim of this collection is to invite participants from both sides to ask what lessons legal history can bring to legal theory, and what legal theory can bring to history. What is the theorist to do with the empirical data generated by archival research? What theories should drive the historical enterprise, and what wider lessons can be learned from it? This collection brings together a number of major theorists and legal historians to debate these ideas.

Mer information samt innehållsförteckning finns här!

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Ny rättshistorisk tidskrift


A New Legal History Journal!

Law&history is the official journal of the Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society (ANZLHS, https://anzlhs.org/).

The journal, now in its third edition, publishes original high quality research on law and history in the Australasian-Pacific region and also welcomes articles on any other area and period The journal is double-blind peer reviewed and ERA listed.

Edited by Prof Diane Kirkby, the journal is steered by an international editorial board composed of senior legal historians from around the world and a local editorial team. It is available via both Heinonline and Informit, and requests for subscriptions can be emailed to Shaunnagh.Dorsett@uts.edu.au.

Submissions should be sent to the Editor, Diane.Kirkby@LaTrobe.edu.au.

Further information, including the table of contents for past editions, is available via the society website at https://anzlhs.org/.


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Konferenser 2017-2018

Sidan Kalendarium har uppdaterats med konferenser 2017-2018, så långt information är tillgänglig.


24 – 26 april 2017: Den tredje nordiska rättshistoriska konferensen, Köpenhamn. Länk här.

5 – 8 juli 2017: The 23rd British Legal History Conference, London. Länk här.

26 – 29 oktober 2017: Annual Meeting of the American Society for Legal History, Las Vegas, Nevada. Länk här.


Juni eller juli 2018? The 5th European Society for Comparative Legal History Biennial Conference.

16-20 september 2018: 42. Deutscher Rechtshistorikertag, Trier. Länk här.

Oktober eller november 2018? Annual Meeting of the American Society for Legal History.

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Nytt från Max Planck-institutet för europeisk rättshistoria


Ett nytt nummer av tidskriften Rechtsgeschichte har kommit ut. Det presenteras på följande sätt.

Rg 24 is dedicated to the concept of translation:

The research section opens the issue with a contribution from Gerhard Dilcher that has been translated into English: »The Germanists and the Historical School of Law: German Legal Science between Romanticism, Realism, and Rationalization«. This article is followed by an analysis by Jakob Zollmann that sheds light on an almost forgotten legal historical phenomenon, »Austrägalgerichtsbarkeit – Interstate Dispute Settlement in a Confederate Arrangement, 1815 to 1866«. Finally, Pedro Cardim addresses the expansive and fundamental field of research within legal history focusing on European empires, in particular the status of the overseas territories of the Iberian monarchy in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The first focus section, »Translators: Mediators in Legal Transfers«, deals with cultural translators of normativity, and the second focus, »Legal History in Action: Laying Down Indigenous Customs in Writing«, treats the translation of legal customs into writing – a translation into another medium. Such processes of translation may very well represent a key to understanding local, national, regional, or even global legal histories; however, in the past they have simply received insufficient consideration.

The two forum sections strive to provide a snapshot of a broad discussion concerning issues important to legal historical research. The first one poses the following question: what kind of research results can be expected from the much discussed »Digital Humanities«? In the second forum, legal historians were asked to assess the »State and Perspectives of the History of Social Law«.

In the critique section, important works within legal historical research published within the last two years are discussed, several of which also deal with translation. As always, we have again done our best to discuss as many publications as possible in a language other than that in which they were written. Journals are indeed also translators.

Click here to get to the Rg website, where you will find all contributions online in open access, or you can order a hardcopy directly from the publisher.

Det har också kommit ut en bok El Jurista en el Nuevo Mundo. Pensamiento. Doctrina. Mentalidad. Den beskrivs på följande sätt.

This study of the history of Derecho Indiano proposes to analyze the role played by the Spanish-American jurist in the New World, as both elaborator as well as a practitioner of an art and a practice. While contributing to the development of public authority within a new society, the jurist faced episodes, realities, and circumstances of huge diversity. The studies collected in this volume appeared originally in journals and collected works in various countries. They are offered today in a revised edition.

Click here for more information on the series and forthcoming volumes.

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